Network Cabling Installation in the Warrington Area

Network cabling installation

Our Network & Data Cabling Services

AGR Electrical offer a range of data or computer network cabling installation services for home users and businesses alike. Although many of us make use of WiFi networks where available, cabled networks offer several advantages including reliability (fewer dropped connections) and performance.

We can carry out a full network cabling installation in your office or home. For offices, we will cable from the rack or patch panel through to the end user outlet making sure to keep data cables separate to electrical cables and light fittings to avoid interference. For homes, we will cable from your router to any room of your choice whether that’s a home-office or kid’s bedroom.

Which type of data cabling should I use?

Cat 5e Data Cable

There are a few different categories of computer network cabling with the main difference between them being performance. Category 5 (cat 5) cabling is an older data cable still very much in use but has been superseded by newer and better performing cables. In that sense, we would not recommend cat 5 for new network installations. For most purposes, cat 5e is perfectly adequate and is capable of delivering up to 1Gbps (Gigabit per second) from endpoint to endpoint. Cat 6 and cat 6a are both capable of providing even better performance but are more expensive and only really necessary if you have a demanding network. Certainly for domestic purposes (where your internet connection is likely to be the slow link in the chain), we would recommend cat 5e.

Max Data Transfer Rate (DTR)100 Mbps1000 Mbps10 Gbps10 Gbps
Max Frequency100 Mhz350 Mhz250 Mhz750 Mhz
Max Distance at Max DTR100 m100 m55 m100 m


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