Lighting Installations in the Warrington Area

Commercial Lighting

We cover all lighting services for both domestic and commercial properties including homes, shops, offices and warehouses.

Commercial Lighting

Having the right lighting is important for all kinds of reasons whatever type of business you run.

Workplace Lighting

Of paramount importance of course is the health and safety of your employees and visitors both internal and external to your premises. If your lighting hasn’t been upgraded for a while, there’s a good chance it falls short of current requirements. AGR Electrical has an extensive background in lighting installations and we can advise you if and how your lighting needs to be updated.

Emergency Lighting

As well as normal day-to-day lighting, consideration also needs to be given to emergency lighting. All offices and commercial premises – as well as public services buildings such as GP surgeries, hospitals, etc. – need to be equipped with appropriate lighting to help ensure safety in the event of emergencies. Well-lit exits and fire escapes are mandatory. AGR Electrical has been installing emergency lighting systems for many years ranging from stand alone systems to fully integrated self-testing systems.

Ambient and Display Lighting

Shop Lighting

Good lighting isn’t just a mandatory workplace requirement however. Appropriate use of the right type of lighting can influence your clients. If you own a shop for example, it can really help to boost trade. Display or feature lighting to showcase your products can be the difference between a customer walking into your shop and moving on elsewhere. Equally, appropriate ambient lighting in office reception areas can help to give potential clients a good first impression of your company.


Relamping is essentially a maintenance service for your lighting. Over time, lamps become less efficient and start to produce less light which, as well as being a potential health and safety issue, can also look unsightly, a particular concern for shops, showrooms etc. AGR Electrical offers a relamping service either on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a planned maintenance schedule which includes lamp replacement and cleaning of all fittings and diffusers.

Whatever your requirement, AGR Electrical has the knowledge and expertise to design and install the perfect commercial lighting solution.

Domestic Lighting

Internal Lighting

Perhaps you’re looking to add LED lighting in your home, the lighting of choice for an increasing number of our customers. There are many good reasons for doing this not least because they are more efficient, cheaper to run and better for the environment. They do also tend to offer greater flexibility in terms of the range of effects. For instance, ever thought of brightening up those dark recessed areas of your room? LED light strips, available in a range of colours, are ideal for this. LED lighting can also add a touch of glitz to your kitchen too. Imagination is all you need.

Of course, your needs may be much simpler, though no less important. You may just need one or two new lights installing to supplement existing lighting. Or maybe you need lighting in a new extension you’re having built.

External Lighting

Garden Lighting

There are many types of and uses for lighting external to your property, from lighting for safety and practical purposes to lighting for decorative purposes.

Lights installed on the outside of your home help to increase security whilst also helping you and any welcome visitors to move around the property in safety. Driveway and pathway lights have dual purposes – to help you see and to help enhance the appearance of your home. Patio lighting means that you can extend your living area to the outside even after dark while landscape lighting can really bring your garden to life after the sun has gone down.

Whatever your reasons, if you’re looking to replace or update the lighting in and around your home then call AGR Electrical to discuss your requirements. We have extensive experience of lighting installations and we can use this to help you design the lighting effect you are looking to achieve.

Contact AGR Electrical to discuss your light installation requirements

There are many reasons for upgrading lighting at home and at work and it’s important to get qualified and experienced electricians to do the job. Contact AGR Electrical today to discuss your lighting project.